I prayed for a man

Was tired of the games,
My cheeks forever wet with bitter teary flames,
My heart torn apart like the way a pride of hungry lions feasts upon its prey,
So i knelt down before the Lord and begged for a way,
“Dear Lord…give me a man of understanding, patience and of good heart”,
I prayed for a man… and he came,
Dragged me from the quicksand of heartbreaks,
To a castle of love fireworks,praying-woman-2
Mended my swollen heart brick by brick.
Showered me with love like no other,
A good man is hard to find- but i am thankful i prayed for a man and he came.



She taught me how to love…

“Love a man but not too much, he ain’t your heaven!”, she warned
“Men come and go but the right one will stay”, she smiled,
“If you love a man don’t be clingy- set him free,
Just like a bird released from its cage, if it’s yours it will come back”,
“Never be with a man  who makes you feel bad about  your body- dump the bastard!”, she grinned,
“Look good, smell fresh, stand tall, embrace your flaws”, she stood up swaying her hips for emphasis,
“Tame your man, you are an inborn nurturer”, she said,
“Never put your life on hold for a man, he won’t do the same for you”…
“Lastly, have that self-love and he will love you for the unique woman you are”,

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I will miss that smile of his, so unforgettable
An obsession clouding my sweet dreams
Calm when he is expected to fume with anger
Loud when he is supposed to keep calm
I find that fascinating…I am falling for him
So ambitious, he does not need wings to fly
Such a mystery…I crave to explore
So many hidden talents I would love to venture in
Seeing him waiting outside my gate
Under the shade of pine trees just fills my heart with peace, yet nervous at the same time,
I am falling deep for him.

Macilline Rangai

Bitter sweet love

I admit I broke your heart,
Shattered it into a million pieces
Like glass that has fallen on a solid concrete floor,
But in your pleasure you gave me pain,
You said you loved me but in that loving I found no gain,
I have been California dreaming about who we used to be,
Everyone thought our love was finite,
That continuum kind of love…
Trust me, I would die for you my first love,
You curse me in love because I let you go,
But leaving you was the best thing I ever did,
It showed that I love myself,
That inner womanhood love.

Macilline Rangai

Go ahead and laugh…


From the first time I set foot into the lioness’ den
I knew she never liked me,
Rolling of the eyes at me while covering her face,
Silent gossip whispers behind closed doors,
Fake plastic smiles as if she cared,
Deep inside she saw an epitome of ‘nuisance’ in me,
A gold digger hungry for her cub’s money,

But guess what lioness…
You misunderstood me,
I am an independent woman craving for emancipation- I make my own dollars,
And do not live off men like what you thought,
Look…now your cub and I are apart, the empire we built all these years
All fallen and crumbled to dust,
Was I really that triple threat for your son’s attention?
Well I am glad I will not be providing heirs to his clan,
I am so totally done!
So go ahead let out your loudest roar heavy with victory and mockery,
And don’t forget to grin with joy,
But one thing I am sure of…
I am the only woman who will ever love him the way I did.
Macilline Rangai

This long distance is killing me


I miss your smile,
Soft kiss brushes all over my smooth neck,
In your arms I feel right at home,
In your presence I feel free to let you into my own secret world…
Seems like I have known you forever,
You are all I want in a man,
And it turns me on every time I think about it,
When I am with you time stands still…
Our first kiss…unforgettable…it sent chills down my spine,

My love…this long distance is killing me,
When I see lovers on the streets, my heart yearns for you,
Sweetheart…you are the unquestionable epitome of a man,
I cannot describe the way I feel for you…
For I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love,
We met by chance,
Fell in love by fate,

Sweetheart…you are all I want in a man,
You are beyond amazing,
Warrior of my battle,
Your dynasty ain’t complete without a girl like me,
You and i… create our own legacy of love,

Our love story, worthy of a novel,
I long to kiss you relentlessly,
Feeling your warm, passionate embrace around me,
My love…I feel right at home when I am with you,
When we finally meet again,
I will tell you how you make me feel deep inside,
Let’s go on and build our strong empire resting on pillars of love,
I love you…

Macilline Rangai